Ведьмак 3 моды на графику - Графика для The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Download Guides Tutorial video Open beta forums Report a bug. Homepage Games list Manage favourites. This is a WIP Lighting Mod for the DLC Region Toussaint. The aim of this modification for the Witcher 3 is to provide a different visual experience when roaming the land of wine and wonders. Custom clouds and weathers for STLM.

Каталог файлов - Ведьмак 3 - Графические модификации | xn--80aag3atebivc.xn--80aswg

Removes the lightsource that follows the player around while leaving the cutscene dialogue unchanged. Beta version of my lighting mod Project E3. A lighting mod based on STLM, but reworked to my taste and the one of the Witcher 3 forum community.

This mod gives you an in-game menu to customize your sword runes and oils appearance. You can make runes glow permanently and even choose a color. You can also turn on or off oil effects on your swords. Elder Blood Lighting Mod v1. All is still a B. A Version and in Progress to make it more immersive. This a lighting mod that tries to recreate the look of Velen and Novigrad city from the E trailers.

This mod uses the ReShade 3. Includes custom lighting effects, DOF, Blur, without significant performance loss. The Witcher 3 Configuration for more FPS At the low-end computer and the middle class computer. Configuring the graphics created by me that makes The Witcher 3 runs smoother and the graphics do not deteriorate too much. Ideal if you want to have a smoother game and not lose much on the quality of game graphics.

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Ведьмак 3: Дикая Охота – Мод на графику E3FX

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Ведьмак 3 моды на графику

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